No statistics on Angolan learners in Namibia

03 June 2020 | Education



The Ohangwena directorate of education is struggling to establish how many Angolan children attend school in the region.

Regional education director Isak Hamatwi says the Covid-19 pandemic has served as a wake-up call to take such statistics seriously. The directorate has requested schools to submit statistics on the number of Angolan learners to the ministry.

Some learners commute from Angola on a daily basis.

“I should admit that we do not have proper stats on these learners. The Covid-19 outbreak and the state of emergency that followed became wake-up calls to us with regard to those statistics. We have sent out a letter requesting schools, mostly those along the border, to give us statistics on those who commute from Angola daily, those who stay with relatives here in Namibia and those who are in hostels,” said Hamatwi. “At the moment we have received 41 secondary school learners who are said to be Angolans. We are waiting for some further information from principals before we submit it to our executive director.

“It is not for the directorate to decide what to do with the said learners, but it is a matter of acting within the state of emergency regulations.” He said the ministries of international relations, home affairs and immigration, health and education would have to jointly deal with this issue.

“From our side, it is a matter of gathering and providing information, plus observing the regulations. When we get the data and other related information, we will communicate it to our superiors for further discussions and decisions,” Hamatwi said.

Hamatwi said as they prepare for schools reopening next week, staff are being informed of Covid-19 prevention measures and health protocols.

The region has established an occupational health and safety committee chaired by Hamatwi and consisting of senior education staff.The directorate has appointed it senior education officer for HIV and Aids prevention, Mike Luaandua, as the regional Covid-19 contact person, assisted by Frorian Tshimweetheleni.

“Our staff members and learners are our most important assets and their safety, health and wellbeing are our priorities. Therefore, with help and collaboration from the ministry of health, some of our staff members from all regional workplaces will be sensitised on the latest Covid-19 developments,” Hamatwi said.