No help for storm-hit family

Pleas fall on deaf ears

28 December 2018 | Disasters

The family of ten from Mayana village in the Kavango East Region, who were left homeless after a heavy storm destroyed their home last week, is still seeking assistance.

Last Monday a heavy storm destroyed the two-bedroom home of 75-year-old pensioner Johannes Nangombe.

The roof was blown off and the family's belongings and food items exposed to the rain.

Some of the house's top-layer bricks also tumbled to the ground, but luckily there were no injuries.

Namibian Sun revisited Nangombe and his family yesterday and was informed that no assistance has been forthcoming.

The family is pleading for assistance, because they rely on Nangombe's monthly pension grant, which has been budgeted for the hiring of a tractor that will plough their crop field, as the rainy season has arrived.

Nangombe, his wife Loide and their children are currently sleeping in overcrowded temporary structures they erected after the disaster.

“We are still waiting on Good Samaritans for assistance. People from the community just show up and offer sympathy, and then they go,” Nangombe said.

He said apart from their neighbours, who have only expressed their sympathies, Rundu rural constituency councillor Michael Sikongo also paid them a visit, but did not assist.

Nangombe said Sikongo only assessed the situation and referred them to the village headman.

When contacted for comment, Sikongo confirmed he visited the family. When asked why his office did not provide any aid to the affected family, Sikongo said currently there is nothing at the constituency office which they can provide Nangombe and his family.

He explained there are currently three families in the constituency affected by disasters, but his office has nothing to provide them.

“Unfortunately we do not have anything at the office. I only went to the family to assess the situation,” Sikongo said.