NHE offers 3 months payment relief

• Severely-affected industries to benefit from payment holiday

06 April 2020 | Infrastructure



As part of its response to the challenges posed by the coronavirus, the National Housing Enterprise (NHE) has offered payment relief to its clients who are negatively impacted by the pandemic.

A media statement availed to Nampa last Friday said the payment relief will strictly apply to affected clients in the tourism and transport industries as well as those who are self-employed and whose income is severely affected by the impact of the pandemic.

“The payment relief will only come into force once approved by the NHE and will only be offered to clients who have submitted an application request clearly substantiating how she or he has been negatively affected by the coronavirus pandemic in terms of earnings, and to clients whose accounts are up to date and in good standing,” read the statement.

According to the statement, the relief will be for a period of three months based on merit, to be reviewed after the end of the period by NHE.

The repayment period will be automatically extended equivalent to the payment relief period.

Applications open

Applications for the payment holiday started on Wednesday, 1 April, however clients are urged to contact their respective NHE regional managers for applications as NHE officials are working from home due to the current lockdown regulations.