Ngarizemo faces assault-by-threat case

29 April 2020 | Sports



Veteran sports journalist Carlos Kambaekwa has opened a case of assault by threat against the owner of Young African Football Club.

Kambaekwa confirmed that he opened a case in an interview on Monday, saying the threats were allegedly made via WhatsApp.

He said he responded to a clip circulating on social media of someone speaking about Fifa funds that will be released to assist affected federations.

“Someone then commented on how they will now start with their plot to get rid of the Namibia Premier League chairperson when they get the funds. It was then a back and forth texting between myself and Marley Ngarizemo, with some of his texts being threats towards me, which is the reason I went to lay charges against him,” Kambaekwa said.

Police confirms

Namibian police spokesperson, deputy commissioner Kauna Shikwambi, confirmed that a case was opened at the Khomas Grove Mall mobile police station in Khomasdal against Ngarizemo, and is being investigated.

When approached for comment on Monday, Ngarizemo denied threatening Kambaekwa and said he was not aware of the case being opened against him.

“How did I threaten him? I'm not interested to know because what is there for me to talk about? All I know is whoever is going to write that I threatened him, I'll just sue him because they must prove how I threatened him and what I said,” Ngarizemo said.