Ngandu Festival: Kavango is hot

Availing a platform to artists and entrepreneurs

12 April 2019 | Art and Entertainment

What do you think when you see an image of a crocodile? We are guessing you probably think of the mighty Kavango River or the brand Lacoste, right? But what if a music festival could become synonymous with an image of a crocodile? Ngandu Events is on a quest to make this a reality with the first Ngandu Festival slated for Friday, 20 April at Rundu Sports Stadium.

Desperately in need of a committed art community to put their landscape on the larger map, Ngandu Events' Hafeni Namwira told tjil that the festival's focus is on providing a platform for Namibian artists and entrepreneurs. “We want to give a platform to Namibians with priority on Kavango East and West businesses and artists from all art forms to promote, sell and grow their products and service offerings,” said Namwira.

The festival's exciting line-up includes TKB, MIG, Tate Buti, Joac Nongava, Jeiyo, Dope Society, House Boyz and many more. Speaking on how the line-up was chosen, Namwira mentioned that apart from wanting a diverse line-up, artists were picked based on professionalism and a reputable track record.

“Most importantly artists whose art resonates with everything the Ngandu Festival hopes to achieve were selected. Also, Kavango artists are given priority as we'd like to celebrate and grow them through the festival,” said Namwira.

Namwira mentioned that the Ngandu Festival is an event you can't miss because they aren't just putting up a sound system, bringing artists and exhibitors and calling it a festival. He added that they have gone above and beyond to create something that tantalises in every sense. “We aren't just putting together an event; we are creating an experience, the ultimate Kavango experience. The music, food, sport, people and businesses will expose the best that the two regions have to offer plus it's for a good cause.”

Namwira shared that they are also looking at entrusting all the planning, controlling and execution of the event to the Kavango youth through an intern mentorship empowerment programme. “Additionally, a percentage of the proceeds from the event will be given to a charity organisation which we will do with the help of the community by giving them the opportunity to help us make a selection.”

The festival is open to all age groups and will have a kiddies section for all children to enjoy for free.

“However, we strongly advise that kids should be under the supervision of adults at all times,” cautioned Namwira.

Tickets are available at all Pick n Pay stores nationwide and via Webtickets.