Newbie Mulberry impresses

A review of Mulberry's first studio album

17 May 2019 | Art and Entertainment

As you can imagine tjil's music submission inbox looks like what we imagine hot Instagram models' DMs to be; overcrowded with hopeful attempts from men. We receive a lot of prospects every month looking for their music to be heard. Some good, some great and others who need to realise that day jobs are still a thing. And then there is another category; those who have been working for years sharpening their music-making abilities and their first album sounds refined – Mulberry falls into this category.

Mulberry is an Afro-pop artist but the album is a montage of various genres including Ovirije, R&B and house.

Her album I am Mulberry was released on 2 May under Hybrid Rekordz. The project has 12 songs and features Patrick from PDK, Adora, MBM and Kalefa Tjirjange. On production, the singer worked with Kallo on the Beat and Glo Production.

The album opens with an up-tempo tune Tuakangara. It is a party song with Otjiherero vocals. Produced and mastered by Kallo on the Beat, Tuakangara sets the tone for the album.

The second song on the album features Adora and is titled Appetite. Its instrumentals are sampled from Tate Buti's 4 Call and vocally borrows from Jackson Kaueja's classic !Nubu !Gubus. Appetite is a banger and would make a great single. If promoted well it has the potential of being one of the biggest songs on the dance floors. Adora was the perfect feature for this song. It is a synthesis of Oviritje and Damara Punch.

Another notable feature to look forward to on this 12-track project is Bye Bye which features PDK. Bye Bye has a Kizomba feel. On the song they vocally complement each other well while narrating their own love stories.

Not a lot can be said to fault this album, except there is a lack of diversity in production as she did not work with a lot of producers. We just hope her label Hybrid Rekordz will sufficiently invest in her talent because she has a lot to offer to the music industry.

Ratings: 3.5/5