New season, new collection by Nandii Martin

• Midway between classy and street wear

24 July 2020 | Art and Entertainment



Founded by Rauna Ndeilenga, fashion house Nandii Martin has a new collection on the scene called Ukeyo White that fashion enthusiasts have been drooling over.

Earlier this week, tjil had a chat with Ndeilenga to dissect the new collection and reflect on how far the brand has come.

The inspiration for Ukeyo White was drawn from her fashion sense, she said.

“I'm a midway street-wear and classic fashion designer, and my brand is about a mixture of the 80s and modern street-wear.”

Living in the moment

She added that the name Ukeyo, originally spelled Ukiyo in Japanese, means “living in the moment” and pairs well with white as she believes the colour affects the mind and body by aiding in mental clarity, promoting feelings of fresh beginnings and encouraging the purification of thoughts and actions.

“I choose this name as my brand slogan as it describes what my brand is all about and to also create awareness to be free, live in the moment, be comfortable, be confident, because at the end of the day, the world is yours – live it,” Ndeilenga said.

On what sets this new collection apart from her previous work, the fashion designer shared she only recently started working on Nandii Martin as a brand, revealing that she has mostly been doing custom-made clothing on client specification.

Celeb following

Many street wear enthusiasts seem to want an item from her array of collections, and it has been evident in how well the brand has aligned itself with artists and personalities.

Asked whether this has always been part of the plan as a promotional tool, Ndeilenga said she isn't about imposing her work on a certain target market. Instead, she instinctively designs what she loves, and that gets a reaction, she said.

“Seeing people wear my clothes makes it all meaningful.

“It puts it into perspective that somehow we have created something that makes people feel good and that's an incredible feeling,” she said.