Nekomba hops onto the ship of success

10 January 2020 | People

Michelline Nawatises

Netumbo Nekomba, whom many know as Mickey, is a 26-year-old born in the diamond town of Oranjemund who moved to the capital city 15 years ago.

She was a journalist at The Namibian newspaper for five years before joining MultiChoice Namibia, where she is now a communications specialist.

Her new job includes developing and implementing communication strategies, managing external consultants and stakeholders, and overseeing internal correspondence in the company.

According to Nekomba, it is always vital to satisfy the customer as MultiChoice Namibia is committed to delivering premium content and going the extra mile to keep consumers happy.

“Our goal includes informing, educating and enriching lives through a multitude of platforms such as an efficient call centre, corporate social investments and other areas of development such as the MultiChoice Talent Factory,” she says.

She adds that customer experience can make or break a business. Enhancing this key aspect creates loyal customers and attracts new ones, hence MultiChoice’s commitment to provide value for money through its services.

One of Nekomba’s biggest challenges has been allowing herself to become a beacon of speech for youth through media. “I was quite a reserved person. But being in a competitive and stressful environment helped me gain more confidence and embrace a new network of people whom I have gained knowledge from,” she says.

In the new position, Nekomba has not yet been confronted by customers whose demands were not met; however, she believes in the motto “calm is key”. Approaching customers professionally, being understanding of their feelings, and guiding them towards a solution are just some of the processes she has used in the past.

A typical day at MultiChoice Namibia would involve researching a variety of media platforms, creating strategies to improve affairs which concern both internal and external stakeholders, and, in her words, “meetings after meetings.”

Behind The Scenes

Even before she started working, Nekomba was always a bookworm. “I absolutely adore reading novels from genres including crime and romance, and, of course, catching up on all my favourite shows on DStv, which help spark my creativity. I plan on enhancing my skills in corporate communications through programmes around the country and perhaps publishing novels that target Namibian issues.”

As someone who loves all things tech, she sincerely wishes she could develop software, and her greatest fear is not being able to live up to the standards she has set for herself.

Nekomba has gone through a lot in life, but her notable moments have been becoming even more independent, adopting work ethics from “incredibly skilled” mavens in the media industry and overall, becoming financially savvy.

If she had the opportunity to change something in the world, she says she would make basic needs for human life such as water, food, healthcare and electricity more accessible and affordable. “Millions of people are dying unnecessarily because of a lack of these elements,” she adds.