Needed: Stimulus packages

31 March 2020 | Opinion

Many countries hit by the coronavirus scourge have hammered out ways in which to keep their economies afloat, especially after the stay-home directive is over and people are allowed to return to work.

Namibia has so far not announced any bold measures on how individuals and industries would be assisted to stand on their wounded feet again.

President Hage Geingob was on the streets over the weekend to observe whether the nation has heeded his government's call that the best weapon to fend off the virus is to stay at home.

Being at home means a loss of income for the majority of the people. It also means a loss of income for all businesses, with start-ups being the hardest hit.

While government has urged businesses to continue paying the salaries of employees who no longer go to work, this directive is not practical for every business.

With this in mind, it is not enough to only think of the wellbeing of the nation from a health point of view, but from the economic one too.

If we save the nation from coronavirus but not from the hunger emanating from job and income losses, we have essentially robbed Peter to Pay Paul.

We can start from basic things such as food provision for now. But when all is said and done, serious stimulus interventions would be required.