Ndeitunga wants more operational manpower

26 February 2020 | Police

Nampol Inspector-General Sebastian Ndeitunga says some of the biggest challenges facing the police force are the increase of violent crimes, gender-based violence and the high number road accidents.

He said to curb these crimes, it is vital to recognise that the police's core duties are performed by the operational component, supported by the administration component. He said it is important to ensure that operational activities are given enough attention and are well-articulated, starting with the deployment of personnel.

He therefore urged his offices to find ways of moving more manpower out of administration to operations, police stations and specialised units.

Ndeitunga made these remarks on Monday at the police's annual planning and review workshop at the Lucius Mahoto Correctional Service Training College.

“As a public institution mandated to prevent crime and maintain law and order in the country, the Namibian police must develop an annual plan that can actually show how it is going to prevent crime and tame the scourge of road accidents,” he said.

It is high time the annual plan of the police articulates mechanisms for vibrant community and public engagements that reinforce the ideas of public safety, based on mutual respect among citizens, he added. He also urged his officers to “devise interventions that will enable the Namibian police to effectively combat behaviours that are tantamount to hate speech and incitement to disorderly conduct among the public”.

Ndeitunga said the plan should be about real, tangible results and not eloquence and mere “shop talk”.

“Let us be assured that the annual plan will be motivated by the need to achieve excellence - be it investigation, crime-prevention, special operations, border policing, VIP security, traffic law-enforcement, the list goes on.”

He however stressed that the plan must be well-supported by human resources, communication, legal, logistics, finance and public resources. “It should be an annual plan that is relevant, realistic and practical and which all members in the force will identify with and support,” Ndeitunga added.