Ndeitunga demands good behaviour during campaigns

11 November 2019 | Politics

Inspector-General of the Namibian Police Force (NamPol), Lieutenant-General Sebastian Ndeitunga appealed to all Namibians to behave in a civilised manner during this election campaign to ensure that the country's good image is not tarnished.

Ndeitunga issued the appeal whilst speaking on the occasion of the official inauguration of the Omusati Police Regional Headquarters at Outapi on Friday.

“We in the NamPol expect all political parties to conduct themselves in a civilised manner and comply with the letter and spirit of the Code of Conduct for Political Parties during Elections, to ensure that the image of Namibia is not tarnished in any manner,” Ndeitunga explained.

He said it is unfortunate that not all political parties and candidates signed the said code of conduct.

The ruling Swapo Party and Martin Lukato's National Democratic Party (NDP) are the only parties that signed the code of conduct, which defines how political parties should conduct themselves during the elections.

“While Namibians have the right to express themselves on matters affecting their lives, including the electoral process, I would caution the public to remember that where their freedom of expression ends, is where the rights of others start,” Ndeitunga narrated.

He noted that some statements made on social media and at political gatherings this time of electioneering verge on crimen injuria, defamation of character, incitement of hatred towards an individual or group of individuals, which may lead to violence and physical attacks.

All these acts, Ndeitunga said, may lead to prosecutions in court. He went on to say the police noticed with serious concern that some members of the public have been going to political meetings and campaign rallies armed with weapons, including firearms.

He further cautioned the public to desist from carrying any weapons to public meetings.

“Because once we confiscate such weapons, even if they are licensed, we will keep them until the electoral process is over,” stressed the police chief.