NBC contract workers want permanent jobs by 1 June

28 May 2021 | Labour



NBC’s working committee says it would like to see contract workers employed by the corporation receive their permanent contracts by 1 June.

While no salary hike nor backpay is expected to be provided, employees on contract will now be appointed on a permanent basis, following the conclusion of a four-week strike.

Committee chairperson Johannes Lengi said an agreement to guarantee contract employees permanent employment was reached.

“We want to see the implementation from 1 June because the agreement is with immediate effect,” he said.

Lengi also pressed on the issue of salaries, saying it was important for the striking employees to be provided with money despite striking on a ‘no work, no pay’ principle.

He acknowledged that while employees had agreed the strike’s principle, with the corporation now resuming operations, it will be difficult for employees to return to work without money.

“Striking employees did not receive their salaries as yet… There is no way they can go back to work if they do not have anything,” Lengi said.

Horrendous situation

Namibia Public Workers Union (Napwu) general secretary Petrus Nevonga and NBC board chairperson Lazarus Jacobs this week said modalities were being worked out to ensure striking employees would be paid for the month of May.

This would mean the corporation would either advance striking workers’ salaries or that the employees would have to sell a portion of their leave days to their employer.

Meanwhile, employees who had formed part of the strike described as the protest as wreaking havoc on their finances.

Striking employees had not received their monthly salaries for May.

“This is a horrible situation,” an employee who refused to be named said of the strike.

“They have not settled it yet. There is no official communique in terms of the paying of salaries,” they said.

Another employee took to issue the manner in which the agreement was reached between Napwu and NBC.

The employee felt the NBC board and Napwu played the striking employees. More than anything, employees wanted a better working environment, but the impression created was that the employees were only interested in more money, the source said.