Napwu enlists Namandje over NBC jobs

02 July 2021 | Labour



The Namibia Public Workers Union (Napwu), through prominent lawyer Sisa Namandje, is threatening to drag NBC to court if the national broadcaster continues to delay employing its contract workers on a full-time basis.

NBC employees had embarked on a strike in May, seeking - among other things - better working conditions, a salary increment and the employment of the corporation’s contract workers.

The strike was called to an end after the union and corporation agreed that the contract workers would be fully employed as at 25 May.

Napwu said NBC has not honoured its agreement and threatened the corporation with litigation.

The union had - through its lawyers Sisa Namandje Incorporated - said it has lived up to its terms of an agreement reached with NBC.

“Our client Napwu has fulfilled all its obligations in terms of the agreement and has performed fully. You (NBC) have failed to act and fulfil the terms of the agreement amongst others in the following respects: That you have not yet operationalised the employment of all employees who are on a one-year contract into permanent employees with immediate effect 25 May as agreed,” the law firm wrote.

“You have not established a joint committee comprised of members of the board, management and union and workplace union representatives as agreed, despite several requests from our client.”


NBC had seven days to table the modalities agreed to but had not, Napwu said through its lawyers.

“You are in breach of the agreement.”

NBC was further asked to provide – on or before 30 June at 12h00 – among other things, a specific date as to when it would operationalise the full-time employment of its contract employees, as well as a specific date when it would establish a joint committee as agreed upon.

If the corporation failed to provide the information, the firm holds “strict instruction to approach the relevant court for urgent enforcement of the agreement,” it wrote.

NBC director general Stanley Similo promised to work on the modalities but informed Napwu’s lawyers that the letter of demand had been received late.

“We will provide your office with our response no later than Wednesday, 7 July, at 16h00,” he responded.