Nanso hosts leadership conference

Leaders advised to engage and solve common problems

16 February 2021 | Education

Tunohole Mungoba – Ongwediva

Student leaders from 28 high schools and members of the Children’s Parliament of the Oshana Region were invited to the Nanso (Namibia National Students Organisation) Oshana Leadership Conference held at the Mweshipandeka High School hall on 10 February.

Under the theme of ‘Effective and Impactful Leadership Amidst Covid-19’, the event was aimed at providing a platform for youth leaders to meet and tackle issues facing the youth and particularly learners today.

“You have proven your willingness to actually contribute and implement practical ideas that can help better the state of education in our region or any other prevalent issues in the region,” said Omagana Nampweya, regional chairperson of Nanso in the Oshana Region.

Dorothea Nangolo told My Zone that the main objective of the event was to come up with solutions that are effective.

“We are going to discuss what exactly can we do as the leaders of Oshana Region to make our region better and also to build unity from our different respective schools,” she said.

The governor of the Oshana Region, Elia Irimari, also shared a motivational message with the learners present.

“The retrogressive impacts of Covid-19 can be felt in all aspects of life and has without doubt put students at the centre of this predicament. My office has for the past weeks been inundated by students seeking assistance, from tuition fees to admission enquiries. We have to be swifter, more decisive in our actions and expand our coordination nets to help students,” he said.

Photo 1: Omagana Nampweya, regional chairperson of Nanso in the Oshana Region.

Photo 2: The governor of the Oshana region, Elia Irimari.

Photo 3: Youth leaders during their discussions with Omagana Nampweya.