Namibia ranked 62nd safest globally

29 July 2021 | Crime



Namibia was ranked as the 62nd safest country to visit globally among 134 other countries, with Covid-19 deaths per capita that played a major role in the rankings.

This is according to Global Finance's ranking of the world's safest countries, that says with the world that have been turned upside-down and by the global pandemic since last year, determining the relative safety of each country is now more important than ever.

The index considers three fundamental factors – war and peace, personal security, and natural disaster risk.

It also includes the unique risk factors stemming from the Covid-19 pandemic.

Each of these factors was based on 2020 reports that were done in this year.

To make sure the data is relevant to current experiences, the Covid-19 scores were derived from data as of May 30 this year.

Deaths per capita

“Compared to the fundamental factors, our Covid-19 scores weight deaths per capita from the disease twice as heavily as the other factors and takes vaccinations per capita as a countervailing or positive factor into account, weighing it equally as the other fundamentals,” it said.

It explained that deaths per capita is a direct measure of how well or poorly a given country responded to the spread of Covid-19 which in turn is based on the country's healthcare infrastructure, government capabilities, political leadership and culture in the face of a major, unexpected crisis.

Vaccinations per capita on the other hand reflects a country’s financial power and future performance via preventative measures stemming further outbreaks.

The latest Covid-19 data indicates that there are a total 117 293 cumulative confirmed cases in Namibia of which 93 508 are active cases and 2 624 Covid-19 deaths have been recorded as well as 247 Covid-19 related deaths in the country.

Only 45 348 people have been fully vaccinated in Namibia.

Namibia further still holds the status of "high risk and virus variant status”, which is a strong travel barrier at international level.

Globally, Iceland was rated the safest country, followed by the UAE, Qatar, Singapore, Finland, Mongolia, Norway, Denmark, Canada and New Zealand.

Philippines, Colombia, Guatemala, Nigeria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Brazil, Mexico, Peru, Yemen and North Macedonia ranked at the bottom.