Namdeb set to evict tenants

• We've given you ample time, company says

29 March 2021 | Business



Diamond mining company Namdeb is set to evict employees from houses it owns in Oranjemund. Workers who have not submitted offers to purchase the properties have been given until 30 April to find other accommodation, or risk facing legal action.

The company said it has given the employees ample time to sign agreements with the adoption of its accommodation strategy, in which it intends to offload various properties.

“It is a well-known fact that Oranjemund currently does not have sufficient appropriate accommodation for the accommodation requirements of the town. The implementation of Namdeb's accommodation strategy has indicated a significant need from Namdeb employees to buy a house in Oranjemund; more than the houses currently being occupied by Namdeb employees,” a letter by the company read. It afforded tenants living in its houses the opportunity to purchase the properties, the company said.

Get out

“Following numerous extensions for private tenants to exercise their First Right of Refusal to purchase their current properties, the company has now exhausted this venture and thus will not offer [the] same any more after 30 April (sic),” the letter said.

“Given that you have not submitted your offer to purchase your property to date, Namdeb hereby invokes its rights in terms of the termination clause of your lease agreement whereby 30 days' notice, which is effective from 1 April 2021, to vacate the premises you are occupying, no later than 30 April.

“Failure to comply with this termination notice by the said date will result in Namdeb exercising its right to institute legal action against you so as to take possession of the properties,” the letter added.