28 July 2020 | Education

Every year, our grade eight learners get the opportunity to spend a week in the beautiful Namib Rand Reserve, at the Namib Desert Environmental Education Trust (NaDEET).

They return to school energised and informed about environmental issues. At this cleverly equipped desert facility, our children learn to cook using solar cookers, they work together to solve environmental issues and they make “fire-balls” using wastepaper.

They gaze at the stars and learn about light pollution (it is also a Dark Sky Reserve), count species to learn about biodiversity, and find that they can comfortably shower with 20 litres of water, which is sustainably heated using solar power.

The NaDEET staff have built and honed a programme that is tried and tested, and which engages our learners from the moment of their arrival.

Every year we try to take our grade eight learners in the first term of their high school career as an opportunity for our children to get to know each other while engaging in an important aspect of their education.

We hope to continue this tradition and pass it along to our grade seven learners in 2021, as they start their high school career at St Paul’s College.