NACN buoys Hozala

Taking theatre plays to the streets

12 April 2019 | Art and Entertainment

This 90-minute dance theatre production will highlight the deteriorating relationship between parents and children and, more holistically looks at creating discussion between children and their parents. The performances will be staged at the following popular outdoor venues: Otjomuise Pub, 8ste Laan Bus Stop, Okuryangava Stop and Shop, Hakahana Usave and Groot Aub. “These dance theatre performances are free of charge and are geared towards entertainment which will include dances by the Hozala's finest, and an informative theatre production,” said Mervin Claasen, Hozala marketing specialist.

Hozala Marketing and Events is a vibrant marketing company that believes in advertising through the use of interactive and interpersonal techniques.

“However, we at Hozala Marketing and Events are of the opinion that a more interpersonal, interactive and direct communication approach touches the hearts and minds of an audience.”

This kind of approach creates a memorable moment with the audience and becomes part of the narrative at their respective homes.