N$60k robbed from Ondangwa businesswoman not recovered

22 July 2019 | Crime

No arrest or recovery has been made in connection with a N$60 000 robbery at Ondangwa on Monday morning.

The police in the Oshana Region reported that a 32-year-old woman was robbed of N$60 000 in front of a bank at Oluno in Ondangwa where she had intended to deposit the money.

The woman had driven from her place of business at Onethindi in Oniipa town.

“The moment she parked her vehicle in the parking area in front of the bank, two suspects jumped from a silver Toyota Run-X. They smashed the front door windows of her vehicle and held her at knifepoint. They took the money and got away with their car,” said the Oshana police spokesperson, Warrant Officer Frieda Shikole-Ashiyana.

“There were four suspects in the vehicle, but no recovery or arrest has been made yet. Police investigations are continuing.”

Shikole-Ashiyana warned people not to carry large sums of money without proper protection. She advised them to request a police escort in such instances.

“If members of the public ask us for assistance in escorting them to go and withdraw or deposit their money, we will help them without a problem,” Shikole-Ashiyana said.

In an unrelated matter, the Oshana police are also investigating a case of attempted murder after a 26-year-old Protasius Kasian was stabbed with an Okapi knife over a TV remote control.

Kasian was stabbed in the chest and is in a critical condition at the Oshakati Intermediate Hospital.

Kasian's family has not been informed of the attack, because is not known where he is from.

Police reported that the incident happened on Tuesday evening at Etombe shebeen at Okatha Kiingondjo village. The suspect, Paulus Reinhold (24), was arrested and has appeared before the Oshakati Magistrate's Court.