N$5.7m sewer system for Ongwediva’s Sky informal settlement

Area already has water and electricity

28 July 2021 | Local News



The Ongwediva town council has awarded a N$5.7 million tender for sewer reticulation at Sky Phase 1, an informal settlement in eastern side of Ongwediva, to Omatando Construction.

The project will run from July 2021 to April 2022.

The informal settlement of Sky Phase 1 was developed for Ongwediva residents who were on the town’s waiting list to receive land.

The area previously was occupied by traditional homesteads, whose owners were compensated with fields elsewhere.

“Sky Phase 1 is very well demarcated. You will not even think it is an informal settlement,” Ongwediva town council spokesperson Jackson Muma said.

Sky Phase 1 already has water and electricity.

“The project is still very new. They have just started now. So far, the construction team has done setting up their camp and the demarcations so work has begun,” Muma said.

The project will cover 306 erven, including a pump station that will serve Sky Phase 2 in the near future with a capacity of 276 erven.


“Ongwediva town council through public consultations has prioritised the provision of sewer reticulation to Sky Phase 1 as part of its target to improve sanitation in town,” said Muma.

Muma added that the residents will not be affected in any way as the area is very well organised.

“The only effects the residents might expect is the limitation of their movements everywhere around the area. Directions and new temporary roads will be set up to ensure swift movement of the residents,” he says.

Residents of Sky Phase 1 are requested to provide support to the contractor for the duration of the project.

This project came a month after Larissa Investments was awarded a bid to provide sewer reticulation to Extension 15, covering 310 erven.

Sewer provision is one of the council’s priorities in addition to land delivery, water and electricity to the residents, thereby focusing on the town’s vision to be a leading urban centre in Namibia that is built on quality municipal services to promote sustainable local economic development.