MYD Earth Show scoops second award

An insightful television show is rewarded

11 October 2019 | Art and Entertainment

The MYD Earth Show was awarded for amplifying community voices in conservation.

A breath of fresh air on the Namibian new media scene, the MYD Earth Show brings conservation and environmental stories from the great wild to the ears of audiences across the world.

Recently scooping the EFN Journalism Award in the Podcast Journalism category, the show has once again proven to be a strong voice for sustainable conservation with its coverage of the 'Community Perspective in Lion Conservation' which was broadcasted in 2018.

This is now the second award for the MYD Earth Show after it was honoured for Pioneering Journalism at the Sustainability Awards in 2017. Speaking on the significance of the EFN award, producer and presenter Kirsty Watermeyer said what makes this award significant, is that the MYD Earth Show is based on sharing the truth of conservation. “In a world where the public is often fed a very one-sided or sensationalised conservation story, we seek to empower through knowledge and truth.” Tribe Fire Studios Brand Manager, Zellmari Brandt noted that this win is another testament to the growth of the MYD Earth podcast, and the MYD brand as a whole.

She added that the MYD Earth Show seeks to uncover the true complexities of conservation not only through conversations with industry leaders in the industry but more importantly with the ordinary people who are doing extraordinary things in communal conservancies. “In addition, winning the EFN award for outstanding work in the Podcast Journalism category puts the MYD Earth Show ahead of its peers in using new media to tell local stories to a global audience.

“Through conversations with people working in the field of conservation, we take the listener to the field, to learn and understand what is really happening in the fight to protect our environment,” added Watermeyer. Sharing more on what have been the most exciting or fulfilling stories covered on the MYD Earth Show since its inception, Watermeyer said after four years of the show, she has been blessed to have learnt new and fascinating things about our planet and our country. “On a whole, one of the most empowering things for me personally has been to learn that there is value in everything in an ecosystem,” she said.

The show has covered an array of fascinating conservation stories ranging from the incredible way in which scorpions help plants grow in the desert, to the incredible digestive power of the hyaena which helps protect humans from anthrax outbreaks.

The MYD Earth Show airs on 99FM every Monday at 18:00.