Mutumba's DBN post frozen

05 April 2019 | Business

Jerome Mutumba's position at the Development Bank of Namibia has been frozen until he returns from his posting as deputy head of mission at the Namibian embassy in Washington, DC.

This was confirmed by DBN CEO Martin Inkumbi following a scathing letter from activist Job Amupanda. Mutumba was the head of communications at the bank before his diplomatic posting to the United States. Inkumbi said the bank had a policy governing the secondment of DBN staff members to external organisations.

“I can confirm in the instance of Mr Mutumba, policies and procedures were followed to the letter.

I will not discuss details of personnel matters as they are confidential,” he said. Inkumbi added that seconded employees remained DBN employees for a specified time. Inkumbi said the bank was prepared to provide information on Mutumba's secondment to any authority authorised to investigate the matter. According to him, the bank also ensured that it had sufficient capacity to carry out the functions usually done by those on secondment. In the letter to Inkumbi, Amupanda said Mutumba was being allowed to “gallivant” in the United States while in the employ of the DBN. “I understand, as is characteristic of [the] shebeen our country has since become, that you and the politicians have organised something special for Mr Mutumba the politician. Unlike other politicians in Namibia who had to resign from their jobs, Mr Mutumba is allowed to gallivant while remaining an employee of the DBN,” Amupanda wrote.

He further asked why no other DBN employee with the necessary qualifications and experience had been appointed to take over Mutumba's position.

“I further understand that while Mr Mutumba will be in America on his political holiday for years, no qualifying and deserving Namibian will be appointed substantive DBN head of communications because you and the politicians have decided that while Mr Mutumba is gallivanting in America his former position will be frozen,” Amupanda wrote.

“You and the politicians are abusing the term 'secondment' for this corrupt arrangement of keeping a politician as an employee of the DBN and freezing his position so that no Namibian [can] apply and occupy this position for years,” he lashed out.

According to Amupanda, such arrangement between a commercial bank and a political appointment must be explained.