Musicians discuss fatherhood

14 June 2019 | Art and Entertainment

The emotional rollercoaster of fatherhood could provide enough creative inspiration for a collection of albums.

In honour of Father’s Day this Sunday, tjil spoke to Sunny Boy and D-Jay on what the day means to them and how they navigate fatherhood and their music commitments.

Wikipedia defines Father's Day as a celebration honouring fathers and celebrating fatherhood, paternal bonds and the influence of fathers in society. For Sunny Boy, who is a father to three children, two girls and a boy, Father’s Day simply means the appreciation of unsung heroes.

Sunny Boy mentioned that fathers do a lot for the family and are the ‘muscle’ who are generally not allowed to show a sign of weakness because they carry and rally the family on. “It’s a day to just say thank you for what we do and for us, that is more than enough to continue being there for our loved ones,” said Sunny Boy.

Fatherhood has taught Sunny Boy about responsibility and has also taught him to not only live for himself but for his children. “It has taught me to be strong, especially for my kids during moments like visiting the doctor for injections or moments of weakness. A father has to be the pillar of strength for his kids.

I travel a lot and it used to affect me emotionally at first. At times, I'd lock myself in my hotel room depressed for being so far away from them. But I have learned to cope by being in constant contact with my family via phone calls and video calls,” he said.

For rapper and father D-Jay, fatherhood has also taught him about responsibility, patience and sacrifice. D-Jay mentioned that the interesting thing about being a parent is that your ability to sacrifice grows to the point that it never really feels like you are sacrificing anything because the rewards of parenting outweighs anything. “I know for some people Father’s Day is uncomfortable because maybe they didn’t know their father or they hate their father. But for me, it’s a celebration when you say, thanks for being there,” summed up D-Jay.