Murder-accused pastors’ wives arrested for concoction deaths

27 September 2021 | Justice

Kenya Kambowe


The customary wives of two pastors from the Kavango West Region who stand accused of three murders and an attempted murder last Thursday appeared in the Rundu Magistrate’s Court after they were arrested and charged with same counts as their husbands.

The two suspects, Corneria Sizura Sikukutu (28) and Maria Vihoma Fernando (20), appeared before Magistrate Barry Mufana, who granted them bail of N$800 each.

Bail was granted because there are no facilities where the babies the two women are taking care of can be kept.

The matter was remanded to 12 January 2022 for further police investigation.

The women were arrested on 21 September following investigations which linked them to the murders their husbands, self-proclaimed pastors Elia Ihemba (36) and Engelberth Hamutenya (25), have been fingered for.

Ihemba and Hamutenya allegedly gave four members of their church a concoction of methylated spirits, vinegar, salt and olive oil, which was administered via a pipe put into the victims’ rectums. Three people - Ntamba Evaristus Ndumba (37), Nangombe Robertha Ndumba (45) and Kapango Hilka Simbaranda (21) – died from the mixture.

Namibian Sun understands that Sikukutu and Fernando were arrested after the sole survivor of the concocted medicine, Rosa Ndumba (39), spoke out about what transpired.

Damning statement

Attempts to get clarity from the police on the matter proved futile at the time of going to print, however, Namibian Sun has been reliably informed that Ndumba made a statement and pointed to the involvement of the two women.

As for the self-proclaimed pastors, they remain in police custody after they were denied bail on 10 September during their first court appearance at Kahenge Periodic Court.

Bail was denied on the basis that the case is serious and it would not be in the interest of the administration of justice as well as public interest to release the men.

Their matter was remanded to 12 January 2022 as well.

Godfrey Shivolo is the state prosecutor.

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