MTC makes U-turn on NPL divorce

27 July 2020 | Sports

Jesse Jackson Kauraisa


Telecommunications giant MTC announced on Friday that it has revisited its decision to withdraw as the Namibia Premier League's (NPL) sponsor.

MTC described the move as compassionate, as it will give football leaders more time to get the league started.

This follows its announcement last week that it will end its sponsorship of the NPL after more than 14 years. “We have taken into consideration the fact that there is a high expectation that the NPL and Namibia Football Association leadership will consider the best interest of football.

“[The] coronavirus [pandemic] has created a new reality for all of us. We urge a sober-minded individual within the larger football fraternity in Namibia to manage the conflict in a professional and orderly manner,” MTC's chief of human capital and corporate affairs, Tim Ekandjo, said in a statement.

MTC's reassurance

MTC further reassured the football fraternity and faithfuls of its commitment to meet its obligations under the sponsorship to start the league before the end of September.

“MTC also wishes to announce that we have not entered into discussion to sponsor any other football league and no such engagements were held in this regard.”

The company further reiterated that the decision not to renew the NPL contract once it runs out still stands.