More than a one-off beauty session

Meet Amika le Rouw; the newly appointed aesthetician at the Aesthetic Centre Olympia.

19 July 2021 | People

“We take the function of our skin for granted, it performs on so many levels,”

24-Year-old Amika le Roux recently joined the team of skin fairies that make your skin glow and feel healthy again. Amika is a qualified aesthetician. For those who are not familiar with the term, an aesthetician is a somatologist that specialises in medical skin care treatments.
According to Amika, becoming an aesthetician requires one to have a collective knowledge, understanding and passion of the structure and working of the skin, and knowing how to incorporate various treatment options.
Amika studied at the prestigious Isa Carstens Academy in Stellenbosch where her interest was first sparked for the career. After three years she received her advanced diploma in Somatology and the knowledge required to take care of the biggest organ of the human body, the skin.
For many a trip to get a facial is a luxury, but aestheticians delve much deeper than just a facial and rather provide guidance to reach set skin goals.
“We take the function of our skin for granted, it performs on so many levels,” says le Roux.
Our skins are exposed to various external and internal factors, which can have an impact on the health and appearance of the skin.
A common misconception about the career is that aestheticians also specialises in nail & basic beauty therapies. The focus of an aesthetician is medical skin care therapies: laser treatments, lesion removals, Platelet Rich Plasma therapy, collagen induction therapy and assisting aesthetic doctors with their procedures.
Aestheticians can analyse the skin and identify certain skin conditions. They prescribe and provide the correct products and treatments best suited for each individual skin care concern.
A healthy skin, free from acne, unwanted pigment, inflammation and other conditions is what most strive towards.
The aesthetic industry is a rapidly growing one, with new trends, treatments and technologies emerging constantly.
Amika joined the team of Aesthetic Centre Olympia, headed by an internationally trained doctor and staff, that are dedicated to provide the best possible patient care. They believe in continuous learning and staying up to date with the latest technology and treatments, which is what resonates with le Roux the most.

More about the girl
When she’s not living out her passion to help people at the practice, le Roux makes herself happy by baking and cooking new recipes. In addition to that she enjoys long walks with her four-legged babies. Besides giving attention to her hobbies le Roux enjoys a good series and a good book. When asked what she cannot live without, unlike others that answers they can’t live without their phones le Roux can’t live without her mother, because of the support, love and mentorship she receives from her mother.

Beauty Tips from a Pro
1.Take care of your skin today and your future self will be grateful.
2.Number one in everyone’s skincare routine should be a good quality SPF 50 that you apply every day to combat those harmful sunrays!