More blueberries expected this year

High expectations of second harvest

05 May 2021 | Agriculture



Namib Blue is expecting a harvest of up to 450 tonnes of blueberries this year, almost three times more than last year.

According to the Namibia Agricultural Union (NAU), the blueberry trees are already blooming beautifully, and some are already bearing fruit.

The union says the first harvest went effortlessly last year, with 160 tonnes of blueberries harvested. This year they will start harvesting in the last week of June.

“They are expecting up to 450 tonnes of blueberries, as the trees are more mature.”

In the first year, the trees bear little fruit, but the fruit increases annually, and in the third year, they reach their full potential, the union explained.

Go blue

According to Henriëtte le Grange of Mashare Berries Farming, they are preparing another 40 hectares for blueberry plantations in October.

Most of the trees will be under nets, while others will be in the open air.

The cultivars planted are Jupiter, Atlas, and Bianca. Jupiter, a sweet-and-sour berry, can be harvested earlier, but the other two are sweet berries and they take longer to ripen.

This year's Namib Blue blueberry containers should be available in the shops in the first week of July. Namib Blue's blueberry jam is currently on its way to shops and will be available at Shoprite and Checkers. They are also planning to build a depot in Windhoek this year for easy supplies to smaller towns, the union says.