Mopane worm pizza for dinner

16 July 2020 | Art and Entertainment

Dare to take your taste buds on their next culinary adventure with a bowl of delectable spicy mopane worms for a starter and goat’s head as your main course.

Stepping under the thatch roof of Xwama Cultural Village and Traditional Restaurant, you can literally dig your feet into the sand decorating the first floor.
The dining booths are separated by reeds, food is eaten by hand and you can delve into activities such as traditional dancing, mahangu pounding or basket making. Their restaurant also offers take-aways such as kapana burgers, offal stew, pap, or mopane worm pizza which can all be delivered right to your doorstep.
Xwama was opened 13 years ago in the dynamic Katutura township. The name Xwama comes from an Oshiwambo word which means “let there be light” or “to set alight.” Just as the olden days where fire brought people together, this is the theme the owners had in mind when opening this restaurant. It was to be a place to bring people together.
“It’s not just about the food we serve here, but the warm feeling we give our clients with our customer service and value for money spent,” says Marianne Eleazer, General Manager of Xwama. “Windhoek, and Katutura in particular, needed a place that reminds people of home, where you can grab a meal or spend quality time with family and friends embracing moments of eating together at a table.”
Most of the ingredients for their culinary masterpieces are sourced from northern Namibia. “We have a group of ladies that sell at the open market and we love to support our locals so that they have a means of income too,” says Marianne. Though it can be a challenge to get certain food items which may not be in season, they try to get as much as possible to have it available on their menu.
There is a wide spectrum of clientele who visit this establishment in search of a true taste of Namibian culture and cuisine and perhaps a taste of home.