Miss Okahandja Tourism & Trade Expo to be crowned tonight

03 May 2019 | Art and Entertainment

Kashipu Investment will tonight host the annual Miss Okahandja Tourism and Trade Expo at Okahandja Park sport field.

Sponsored by the municipality of Okahandja and the Okahandja Tourism and Trade Expo, the pageant is part of the annual Okahandja Tourism and Trade expo which is currently on and ends tomorrow.

The pageant is aimed at recognising charismatic and talented young women at the town. The platform also seeks to boost the modelling careers of the participants. Kashipu Investment's Sando Ithana mentioned that the pageant also help build self-esteem for participants. “The pageant also seeks to promote cleanliness in the town of Okahandja. The finalists will raise awareness about a clean community and work together with the community to clean up Okahandja.” said Ithana.

“Through Miss Okahandja Tourism & Trade Expo, young people are given the platform to get involved in community projects at the town,” added Ithana.

The event will be complemented by performances by artists based in Okahandja and is open to all age groups.