Mind of a Dancer with Hillary Shiimi

25 January 2019 | Art and Entertainment

As one of Namibia's most accomplished choreographers, Hillary Shiimi has been a genre bender, forging a new path between pop culture and the classical structures of dance. Having been under the wings of Stanley Mareka since 2011, the dancer has decided to go solo. She talks to tjil.

Tjil (j): Why did you decide to move?

Hillary Shiimi (HS): Well, I cannot find the most effective way to do it other than just getting up and doing it. Being in the Equipped Dance and Entertainment Academy for a successive eight years gave me most of my dance experience and I will always acknowledge that. This decision, however, is not the end of my dance career but actually a whole new beginning of failing, falling and getting up to sweat, and so much more. One of the biggest misconceptions about freelancing is that you sit at home and work when the reality is you have to fight for it.

t: What kind of brand are you building for yourself?

SH: Mind of a Dancer. This is a brand that needs to speak for itself. A brand that motivates upcoming dancers to evolve more into the corporate industry by engaging on social media platforms and getting in touch with new opportunities.

t: What is the next stepping stone for the Mind of a Dancer?

HS: This year marks ten years in the dance and entertainment industry and I plan on hosting a dance showcase in the months to come. I am still a full-time dancer and plan on shooting dance videos and documentaries for other dancers, creating a platform for them to showcase their talent. Namibian artists are so talented and one should always be eager to put a piece of your work on art out there by choreographing music videos and with backup dancing. Many have developed a storytelling style of performance on stage which brings so much professionalism, especially during album launches or big events. Dance fitness has always been a big interest in my dancing career and I am excited to start with it next month.

Join Hillary for her February dance fitness classes at the Katutura Community Art Centre for N$250. For more information call 081 368 9505 or reach her on her social media platforms.

June Shimuoshili