Million-dollar rides to help Covid-19 vaccination in Kavango, Zambezi

28 July 2021 | Local News



As part of its corporate social responsibility, Land Rover Experience this month offered the use of its million-dollar rides to assist the health directorates in Kavango East, Kavango West and Zambezi regions with the Covid-19 vaccination programme.

Talking to Ewi lyaNooli after a week of assistance, freelance tour guide Roelof Kunst said Land Rover Experience made available five luxurious Land Rover vehicles that are valued at around N$1.7 million each, with responsible drivers after they were approached by the health ministry to assist in the Covid-19 vaccination programme.

The drivers included Land Rover Experience Germany’s, senior instructor, Peter Woermann, and lead instructor, Alexander Augstein, who travelled from Germany for this project.

One vehicle was dispatched to Kavango West while Kavango East and Zambezi each received two vehicles for a period of seven days.

“Land Rover experience was invited by the government to help in the distribution and vaccination efforts in rural areas of Namibia, specifically in the Kavango and Zambezi regions which are far away from the centre of the country,” Kunst said.

“Land Rover Experience then saw it as a good experience to show their commitment to Namibia and in this way we could also participate in doing something for the people of this country.”

Kunst explained that the drivers and the health officials would go from one vaccination point to the next distributing and administering Sinopharm vaccine.

“What we did was we made the cars available with a driver to distribute and drive around vaccination points with the teams,” he said.

Kunst said the project was a success and if the need arises, Land Rover Experience would weigh its options to part take in such a project again.

One of the challenges they observed was the poor or non-existent roads, which the luxurious cars were at least able to manoeuvre through.

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