Merging fashion with culture

09 August 2019 | Art and Entertainment

Fashion designer, visual artist and founder of Couture By Kim (CBK), Kim Matheus, is working on her new collection, Safari Line. The collection is inspired by the Aawambo culture and history; tjil caught up with the designer to find out more about this collection.

tjil (t): Explain the name CBK… it sounds like one of those names that has a crazy or deep story behind it?

Kim Matheus (KM): CBK is only used for the branding as it is easy to be recognised and remembered. The business is registered as Kim Matheus Boutique CC. I chose CBK because all the products are designed by me and I am the founder as well as the fashion designer of the clothes.

(t): Where is the inspiration for the designs drawn from?

(KM): Being passionate and surrounding myself with a tourism and fashion environment drew me to this brilliant idea. Tourism for me means art and everything else sold and made is ultimately art. I love creating and this made me look at the gap we have in the tourism industry of clothing. Most of the safari clothes are provided from South Africa. They speak Africa yes, but do they scream Namibia? Except for the leather shoes and bags. So that is where my inspiration comes from.

(t): You are about to launch your Safari Line, share with us more about this collection?

(KM): CBK is busy with a unisex CBK Safari Line inspired by the Aawambo culture and history. The Odelela material will be used to create the line in many ways by also using the dye for the Odelela fabric in a safari colour palette.

This collection will be the type that many people can purchase as souvenirs and a reminder of visiting Namibia, as well for fashion and travel inspiration.