Meat sector wants to increase contribution to GDP

'No restrictions on market access'

09 September 2020 | Agriculture



The Meat Board of Namibia delivered a presentation at the first virtual agricultural conference in Namibia last week dealing with the environment, challenges and opportunities for the meat industry to increase its contribution to the gross domestic product (GDP).

The economic contribution of agriculture to the national GDP has declined in recent years for various reasons, but mainly due to sustained droughts and lack of confidence in the sector.

According to the Meat Board, proposals to increase the meat industry's contribution to the agriculture GDP include the restoration of confidence in the sector by the government, a functional government service, prevention of mismanagement of scarce financial resources and, with specific focus on the utilisation of the cattle population north of the veterinary cordon fence, support for charcoal production, as well as the commercialisation of green schemes.

No restrictions planned

“Strategies not to be followed include any restrictions on market access for both livestock and meat, and any construction of additional abattoirs or processing plants north of the veterinary cordon fence.”

The Meat Board said the fastest way to increase the meat industry's contribution is to increase the sales value of its respective products with highly efficient export value chains and institutions.

Meanwhile, the Meat Board announced that through successful collaboration with the Directorate of Veterinary Services (DVS), online services with regard to livestock identification, traceability and marketing have now been expanded.

The motivation behind this expansion was to facilitate livestock marketing through assisting the producer to comply with livestock identification and traceability requirements and to reduce the administrative burden for the DVS.