Massive cold front on the way

08 July 2020 | Weather



A massive cold front is developing in the South Atlantic and is expected to reach Namibia early on Friday.

It brings with it near-freezing temperatures. The public has been warned to take the necessary precautions.

Forecasters say this will be the most eventful winter weekend in southern Africa in many years.

According to South African Weather, Rainfall and Storm Reports, the “mammoth” cold front “is not only staying on course, but is also strengthening substantially”.

Cold and moist

Namibia Meteorological Services forecaster Odillo Kgobetsi told Namibian Sun that the arrival of the cold front over the Western Cape in South Africa tomorrow will affect prefrontal clouds early on Friday over the southern extremes of Namibia.

“Cold and moist air will be in circulation in the south and western plateaus. Rain will set in the southwestern half of Namibia later on Friday. It will become extremely cold in the south, central and eastern regions on Saturday,” he said.

The weather office has also warned that cold conditions are expected in the west tomorrow, becoming very cold with frost in places over the southern, central and eastern regions on Friday and over the weekend.

Showers and thundershowers are expected over the southern coastal areas and the //Karas Region on Friday, it added.