Man hangs himself from tree

No note, no foul play suspected

14 April 2021 | Crime



The body of a 36-year-old man was found hanging from a tree in Outjo on Monday morning.

The incident was confirmed by Kunene regional police community affairs officer, inspector Vehangaiza Candy Ruiter, who said no suicide note was left, nor was any foul play suspected.

The deceased, identified as Andrew ‘Bokkas’ Mazenge, was the former public relations officer of the Outjo municipality until late last year when he joined trucking company.

According to a source, the deceased left home on Sunday afternoon, claiming to be going to work, and left with nothing but his laptop bag. He, however, did not make it to work and never returned home.

It is suspected that he went on to walk a distance along the Outjo municipality camp road, and hung himself with a rope on a nearby tree, where he was discovered by a passer-by who alerted the police on Monday morning.

Seemed ‘fine’

Mazenge’s uncle said they saw each other on Sunday morning, adding that the deceased seemed fine and showed no signs of depression.

On Monday morning, his uncle tried to call him but his phone went unanswered, after which he sent Mazenge a text message saying “if there is a problem, talk to me”.

The deceased leaves behind his wife and three children, as well as two brothers.