Maltas assists Havana

05 November 2019 | Youth

In partnership with Come Namibia Photographers, the Maltas Club team visited the Havana informal settlement and handed over clothing items as well as schoolbags to community members. “Volunteerism is a way through which I try to heal my soul,” said Karu Njarakana, the 2019 community development manager of Maltas. This last visit was embraced by Elifas Dingara, a member of the National Assembly, who spoke about the existing disconnect and gap between national leaders and grassroots communities. “The conditions of poverty-stricken communities such as Havana can be bettered if people are guided on how to produce food at their houses,” said Dr Wilfred April, while giving an example of how community leader Fillipus Sabwaya runs a garden in his yard, which provides food for the community. Sabwaya received the clothes on behalf of the community. Dingara is pictured with members of the community and the Maltas team.