Making his way up the corporate ladder

23 July 2021 | People

“Integrity, be authentic, and respect the people around you.”- Eddie King

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Eddie King was born and raised in the Western Transvaal town of Klerksdorp. He grew up in a home with loving, committed and hard-working parents. Eddie King completed his BSc, honours and master’s degrees in business mathematics at North-West University. He was then given the opportunity to complete a master’s degree project in the United Kingdom at Barclays Bank. After a few years in the banking industry, he decided to enrol a course to become a chartered financial analyst, which he completed in 2014. In 2019, King completed a senior management development program which took him in the direction of business administration. He is currently studying an Executive Master’s in Business Administration at the University of Cape Town’s Graduate School of Business.

His journey started at Bank Windhoek in February 2010 at the age of 25 as a credit risk analyst in the Risk Department. “I was responsible for driving the implementation of enhanced statistical analysis, forecasting and stress testing in the loans portfolio, which enabled business with new and unique insights into how the loans portfolio can be managed better,” says King. In the next year, he started as the manager: treasury middle office, where he was responsible for risk management, policy and optimisation of liquidity management and asset-liability management.

In 2017 King joined the Credit Department as the head of corporate credit, managing the top loan exposures in the portfolio as well as developing policy, risk appetite and dynamic assessment of the changing external environment.

“I am very grateful to Bank Windhoek for all the opportunities they have provided me. The company is an inspirational place to work for, with warm-hearted employees and good relationships,” he says.

King was very happy to qualify as a chartered financial analyst in 2017. “As part of university studies at the North West University, I had the exciting opportunity to complete my master’s degree project at Barclays Bank head office in London (UK), where I developed a bespoke loan application model for the bank’s European and African portfolios for which I received a university award.

“At Bank Windhoek I have received various management awards during my tenure. I am honoured to serve on the Board Credit Committee, Board of Capricorn Pension Fund, and Capricorn Group Life Committee.”

When asked about the challenges he faces in this line of work, King says, “It is difficult for young professionals to gain trust and respect from older employees. I found myself being the youngest person in a meeting, many times. It took a lot of courage, personal growth, perseverance and self-discipline to gain respect and confidence among my elder peers.”

King is inspired by his Christianity and finds his direction and strength in his faith.

When asked what message he would give to the youth he said, “Your first priority is to give attention to the spiritual aspect of your life through having a relationship with Jesus. Find the things to be thankful for in your past, and be grateful for the things that are going well today. Work hard, with perseverance, and make the best of the time that has been apportioned to you during this short time on earth. Have integrity, be authentic, and respect the people around you. Always stay true to your character. Don’t be too hard on yourself, enjoy the journey. Explore more creation and its beauty. Be positive toward life and see the beauty all around you.”