LSD drops Damage Control

New music, new goals

10 May 2019 | Art and Entertainment

Local Shut Down (LSD) is made up of Lil'Kiddo and Sweezy. Despite their first and second mixtapes clocking big numbers online, the duo maintains that they still aim to reach more people. “Without a proper marketing budget, our first project was streamed over 4 000 times and that project was received well; so was the second project but we know there is still room for improvement,” said Lil'Kiddo.

Damage Control was released on 10 April with 18 songs. The duo explained that they made it a lengthy project because they explored different sounds. Sweezy told tjil that with Damage Control they are not only targeting hip-hop fans but everyone who enjoys good music regardless of the genre. “That is why on Damage Control we have hip-hop songs, Afro-pop songs and R&B. We challenged our music-making abilities on this project and we are glad with how it all came out,” said Sweezy.

Sweezy added that the project was inspired by their life experiences and it is packed with more songs that are conscious. The duo is trying to shy away from making music that does not narrate Namibian daily experiences. “Of all the projects we have released this one is the one I am proud of the most. On this album we are really vulnerable and we did not filter anything,” added Sweezy.

LSD announced that they will be shooting at least three music videos from Damage Control. They said not having a management structure in place has deterred their progress. “The reason we do not have a music video out yet is because we do not want to put out mediocre content. But that is about to change as plans are at an advanced stage to release our first music video.

“Being independent artists is very challenging. Despite having good numbers online we still struggle to convince music promoters to book us for paying gigs,” said Lil'Kiddo.

With three mixtapes under their belts, tjil asked when we can expect a fully-fledged album from LSD. They said the music is there but they would rather have a proper structure and resources in place before they release an album. “We are trying to get the recognition we want before we can think of dropping our debut album. Albums require a big budget, and until we have that budget and have established a strong fan base across the country we will be feeding our fans with EPs and mixtapes,” said Sweezy.