Let’s be serious

30 March 2020 | Opinion

News has started filtering in of unruly citizens who are defying the lockdown measures, including continuing to drink alcohol on the streets of Katutura and other areas.

The lockdown has specifically been put in place in Erongo and Khomas to stop the spread of the coronavirus, while there is a specific ban on alcohol sales as part of the nationwide state of emergency measures gazetted by President Hage Geingob.

Of course, during this time, when the fabric of Namibian life is grossly affected, there will always be those who want to challenge authority and test the measures in place. As much as this is so, we must remember the devastation that this virus is likely to wreak on our country if we do not adhere to these intrusive measures. They are in place to protect us and our families from something that could wipe out many of us and our loved ones. This is not a time to put yourself and others at risk. If we get this right, we will be out of the woods sooner rather than later, but if we continue with our reckless behaviour, this pandemic will engulf our very existence further and dump our nation into a downward spiral of economic and social devastation. The time to be serious is now!