Let there be peace - Geingob

13 May 2019 | Africa

Namibia remains ready and committed to work with Guinea for the economic independence of the two nations, said President Hage Geingob during a state visit of that country's president Alpha Condé to Namibia.

“The Africa we want is in our hands. We are the drivers of our own destiny. We can eradicate poverty and hunger, restore peace and give hope to those at war. Let us embrace democracy, rule of law and sustainable development,” Geingob urged.

Guinea has seen its fair share of political violence and has faced several coup d'etats in the past, as well as inter-ethnic clashes.

The country is also one of sub-Saharan Africa's biggest oil producers, but much of its population still lives in poverty.

Hosting Condé at a state banquet last week, Geingob said the fact remains that there is room for improvement of trade relations especially in the area of mining and geology, agriculture, manufacturing and food processing.

As the chair of SADC, Geingob also said that Namibia trusts that through continued cooperation between its Regional Economic Communities (RECs), Africa will enhance its long-standing efforts to create an enabling environment for economic growth and prosperity.

“In the past, we used to hear of the phenomenon in Africa called 'brain drain'. That is when Africans who were educated did not plough back their expertise into Africa. But when they study and gain knowledge and expertise that they plough back into Africa that is called 'brain gain'. However by easing cross-border movement of Africans within Africa, we will ensue that skilled and educated Africans who are able to take their knowledge and expertise beyond the borders of their countries remain on the continent,” he said.

By doing this, Geingob believes that there is no doubt that the free movement of people is a quick win for the development for countries, regions and the continent.