Leadership workshop expanded to Oshana

27 April 2021 | Education

Mariselle Stofberg

To support youth educational development in Namibia, the Capricorn Group partnered with Capacity Trust, a human resources and industrial psychology consultancy, to carry out a two-day leadership workshop in northern Namibia.

A group of 18 learner representative council (LRC) members and teachers from 16 schools in the Oshana Region attended the workshop over the weekend of 9 to 11 April 2021, fully sponsored by Capricorn Group.

“When Capacity Trust approached Capricorn Group to partner with them to invest in the lives of future leaders in government schools, we knew that it was the right move. Education remains a big focus area for the country, and over the last year, this sector has been significantly disrupted due to Covid-19,” said Marlize Horn, the Capricorn Group executive for brand and corporate affairs.

“These leadership workshops, which have been running for three years now, include a psychometric test. This the first opportunity for most of the students to conduct a test of this nature and further activities to build on their leadership and communication skills, allowing learners to develop conflict management, communication, change management, leadership skills and much more,” Horn said.

She added that government schools are rarely afforded such opportunities due to the high cost of emotional intelligence tests and development.

Capricorn Group would like to partner with the government to ensure no learner is left out.

“Capricorn Group has supported Capacity Trust to invest in the lives of young Namibian leaders in the Khomas Region. We are happy that this project has expanded to the Oshana Region,” said Horn.

The learners at the workshop represented Mweshipandeka Secondary School, Gabriel Taapopi Secondary School, Ekwafo Senior Secondary School, Evululuko Secondary School, Iipumbu Secondary School, Oshakati Secondary School, Ondjandjo Secondary School, Onamutai Secondary School, Andimba TYT Secondary School, Nangolo Secondary School, Iihenda Secondary School, Okatana Secondary School, Ongwediva Secondary School, Erundu Secondary School, Eheke Secondary School, and Ondangwa Junior Secondary School.

The programme assured that both the abstract and practical aspects of different focus areas such as personality-type interactions, communication methods, emotional debt, conflict management, change management and leadership skills development were well understood.

Capricorn Group employee Natasha Arend, the credit manager at Bank Windhoek Ondangwa branch, served as guest speaker at the leadership workshop to share financial literacy education with the youth.

The participants will be expected to duplicate what was learned in their respective schools and provide evidence of their efforts to Capacity Trust and Capricorn Group via the submission of pictures, videos or written feedback.

“I learnt numerous techniques that I can implement in my school LRC committee to improve our leadership as a team,” said Tuhafeni Simson, a learner at Mweshipandeka Secondary School.

“Capricorn Group believes that the knowledge these young leaders gained over the past weekend would serve them well beyond the completion of their school period and improve the learners’ transition to higher education in line with Namibia’s fifth National Development Plan (NDP5),” said Horn.

Horn believes that the youth are the future leaders and it is crucial to ensure that their development is well rounded so that they can be equipped to become leaders in both the public and private sector.

“We at Capricorn Group also ensure that learners are taught financial literacy and career options in sessions presented by our employees. We believe that workshops of this nature will serve the learners well beyond the completion of their school period, and we have to keep carrying out workshops of this nature through collaborations like these,” Horn added.