Kunene regional budget increases

Putting the money where the mouth is.

31 July 2020 | Economics

We have taken an approach of being proactive towards the fight of Covid-19, our regional strategy has thus far worked well. Marius Sheya, governor: Kunene region.

The Kunene regional health department reported that the novel coronavirus has instilled fear in the community and also increased the regional budget expenses.

Kunene governor, Marius Sheya, while delivering his third state of the region address in Opuwo, mentioned that the Covid-19 pandemic has according to reports from the region’s health department increased the regional budget expenditure.

The increased budget is driven through fuel, transport repairs, services and maintenance costs and food for quarantined people in the facilities, thus heavily impacting negatively on the budget, during investigations, contact tracing and follow-ups in the community.

However, Sheya said these were important measures to prevent, control and contain the disease outbreak.


“These transitions have been forced upon us by the Covid-19 pandemic that has severe health effects, as well as serious economic and social adverse complications,” he added.

Quarantining and social distancing measures, which are needed to curb the rapid spread of the virus and save lives are leading to income loss primarily affecting the broad layers of the population, and further aggravated the flaws in society and continue to deepen the existing vulnerabilities that plague society, said Sheya.

He further noted that the region has one positive case reported to date in Opuwo of a 27-year-old female with no travelling history and no Covid-19 related symptoms, adding that cumulative quarantines in Kunene are 161, discharged 114 and 47 currently in quarantine.

“We have taken an approach of being proactive towards the fight of Covid-19, our regional strategy has worked thus far of public education, activation of disaster risk management committees at regional and local level, and Covid-19 task committees at regional, local, village and street levels,” he said. - Nampa