Kudu and Lion to meet again

Annual inter-high between WHS and Windhoek Gymnasium

26 November 2019 | Events

Mariselle Stofberg

From 26 to 30 May 2020, Windhoek Gymnasium and Windhoek High School will meet again for their yearly inter-high competition.

Windhoek Gymnasium will be the hosts of this much-anticipated event next year, which attracted almost 5 000 people in 2019.

This tradition started in 2017 and the inter-high attracts thousands of people who want to witness this celebration of talent on the field, stage and in the classroom.

“We want learners from both schools to enjoy the events on and off the field,” said Hawie Engels, the principal of Windhoek High School, which was also the hosts of this year’s inter-high.

Windhoek Gymnasium is honoured to be next year’s hosts and hopes to cultivate pride and relationships amongst the two schools.

The inter-high provides a platform to expose learners to healthy competition that will not only improve the quality of the sport and culture items that the learners participate in, but also play a critical role in creating unity amongst the community school community. The sport organisers and team managers are working tirelessly to provide the learners with a positive and conducive environment for them to showcase their talent.

Next year’s event will start off with a Big Brag where both schools have the opportunity to showcase their school spirit.

Thereafter the Ryder Cup golf day, ping-pong, soccer and cricket matches will take place. Culture will also be celebrated with debating, choirs, oratory, acting, chess and even spelling bees.

After the Big Brag, both schools will also have the opportunity to get to know each another and have some fun together.

The main events will take place over the weekend when the netball, hockey and rugby teams will take on each other on the field. It is anticipated that thousands of people will come to witness this.

Michelle Mushonga, a learner from Windhoek Gymnasium who participated in this year’s inter-high, mentioned the great opportunity this event provides for learners to get to know one another better.

“It helps to build bonds between the learners and remove some of the tension that might exist between the schools,” she said.

Mushonga said this event helps to give learners exposure and promotes healthy competition between the two schools.