Kay-Z Bearens bags PR deal

03 May 2019 | Art and Entertainment

Memory Talent Management Agency recently announced that they have signed up and coming hip-hop artist Kay-Z Bearens to a public relations and talent management deal.

Kambinda Zambwe Bearens known as Kay-Z Bearens hails from the Zambezi Region. He released his first single in 2015 titled The Struggle Is Real. The single addressed his personal struggles of not affording university fees.

His first EP project with six songs was released last year and received positive reviews from the media. He shot a music video for one of his singles on the EP titled 79 which features Blvc Boxx signee Princelou Faragama. Memory Talent Management Agency shared that Kay-Z Bearens’s EP is available on iTunes and will be on Donlu Africa very soon.

On being signed to Memory Talent Management Agency, the rapper said: “I am so excited about this partnership as it is my first-ever contract. I have been working with my manager and it has been hard to break into the music industry as we are both still new to it.

“It excites me knowing that I will be working with the best and also as an upcoming artist, these opportunities are not readily available. I thank Memory Talent Management for understanding my vision and for deciding to work with me,” said Kay-Z Bearens.

Memory Talent Management Agency is excited to help and work with up-and-coming artists to help them grow and also to master their talent for maximum exposure. “We need to play our role in the industry because at the end of the day we are all one and we need to be active role players.”