Kawana mum on Ondonga impasse

03 May 2019 | Cultural

Attorney-general Albert Kawana has remained tight-lipped on developments in Ondonga, where two members of the royal family were separately crowned as successors to the late Omukwaniilwa Immanuel Kauluma Elifas.

Fillemon Shuumbwa Nangolo and Konis Kalenga were immediately installed by two factions following Elifas's funeral about three weeks ago.

Each faction, consisting of senior traditional councillors and members of the royal family, held separate events to announce their new king.

The standoff has also resulted in two rival traditional authorities.

The faction backing Kalenga is operating at the old Ondonga Traditional Authority head offices, with Onalusheshete senior headman Eino Shondili Amutenya as chairperson and Nepando Amupanda as secretary.

The other faction, which consists mainly of senior traditional leaders and who have served for many years under the late king, are operating at Onethindi. Former Oshikoto governor Vilho Kamanya is the acting chairperson, while Joseph Asino is the secretary. Urban and rural development minister Peya Mushelenga confirmed receiving applications for official recognition of both Kalenga and Nangolo.

He said his ministry could not get involved at this stage, citing legal problems.

“I have received applications for the designation of both Fillemon Shuumbwa Nangolo and Konis Eino Kalenga for the position of Omukwaniilwa for Ondonga Traditional Authority. The matter has been referred to the attorney-general because as you know, in terms of the Traditional Authority Act of 2000, the designation is made by the Traditional Authority Council,” said Mushelenga.

“There is a case regarding the dismissal of the members of the traditional council. Which means the matter is still sub judice, as the court needs to make a pronouncement. It is for that reason that the applications are being referred to the attorney-general for a legal opinion.”

Despite undertaking to respond to Namibian Sun's query early this week, Kawana's phone later remained unanswered.