Kavango West to clamp down overcrowded churches

Police note high level of non-adherence

02 August 2021 | Police

Kenya Kambowe


Kavango West police head, Commissioner Josephat Abel, says the police will no longer be lenient towards churches found accommodating more than the allowed number of people per gathering as stipulated in health protocols to curb the further spread of Covid-19.

Abel further extended a stern warning to members of the public who market their products at pension grant pay-out points where the police has observed that protocols are not adhered to.

Abel made the remarks during a recent interview where he said there exists a high level of non-adherence to regulations in the region, something that will no longer be treated with mercy, he said.

The churches Abel was referring to are situated along the Nkurenkuru-Rundu road.

“We have a problem of Covid-19; the behaviour of people to be specific. The community don’t want to listen, especially the churches; they don’t want to follow. They are still conducting illegal [services] where they don’t even comply with the protocol. You will find people with no masks and not even social distance is observed,” he said.

‘We have tried our best’

“I think this should be a stern warning because we already started engaging the community, but now what will be next is just to charge people. We have tried our best but they don’t want to listen.

“They don’t want to adhere, they don’t want to help. It’s their lives and not the lives of the police,” he said.

It was recently reported that the Kavango West police had to intervene when a soccer tournament was taking place – despite contact sport being banned.

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