Kavango East forges towards sustainable agriculture

20 July 2021 | Government



Kavango East governor Bonifasius Wakudumo says the region will try to revive the regional economy, especially in the agricultural sector, to contribute to the implementation of the Harambee Prosperity Plan II.

Wakudumo said this on Friday while delivering his second State of the Region Address virtually.

The governor said in order to assist the economic recovery of the country, the region will devise modalities to revive the agricultural sector, especially the green schemes, livestock farming and horticulture as part of the region’s priority areas.

“I urge the residents of the Kavango East Region, to remain united, hold hands, and adhere to the measures and regulations of Covid-19, as we forge in transforming our abundant land and water for a sustainable agriculture driven economy toward food security and employment creation amidst Covid-19,” said Wakudumo.

He added that despite the pandemic, Kavango East will attempt to improve education and health outcomes as well as fight against crime and strive towards poverty reduction.

The governor said the region will strive to improve the quality of the livelihood of its region, it will foster good governance across all sectors through accountability, transparency, integrity and ethical values.

Under the 2021/22 Medium Term Expenditure Framework, the Kavango East Region received an allocation of N$162 million to be used to implement, monitor and evaluate capital projects.

During the 2020/21 financial year, the region was allocated a total of N$216 million for which Wakudumo gave a report of several developmental projects that were carried out under that budget, such as the completion of the Rundu State Hospital maternity ward, renovations of school hostels and construction of new schools, and giving support to farmers.