Katutura swimming pool not safe for public use

Microbial hazard and chemical analysis

07 January 2021 | Economics

Some of these can reportedly cause wound infections, urinary tract infections, as well as eye and ear infections. Michael Gaweseb, Executive Director: Namibia Consumer Trust (NCT)

Namibia Consumer Trust (NCT) has raised questions over the safety standards of the Katutura public swimming pool, alleging that its water quality falls short of World Health Organisation (WHO)'s recommended levels.

In a statement seen, NCT Executive Director, Michael Gaweseb stated that NCT has done a microbial hazard and chemical analysis of the Katutura public swimming pool's water and that results have confirmed that the pool does not meet the safety levels for WHO's Staphylococcus & Pseudomonas guidelines.

According to Gaweseb, the tests were done to prove to authorities that the Katutura public swimming pool is not clean.

“I knew that the water in that swimming pool is not clean, yet they kept it open. Tests were done at a local reputable lab in Windhoek two weeks ago. We took samples ourselves at the swimming pool in the lab provided equipment under prescribed conditions. There are weaknesses relating Staphylococcus and Pseudomonas recommended safety levels by WHO. Some of these can reportedly cause wound infections, urinary tract infections, as well as eye and ear infections. No swimming should take place without transparently availed water testing results,” Gaweseb said.


Gaweseb further alleged that city officials do not educate visitors about safety, the need for personal hygiene and not to introduce human excrement that can pose a danger to other swimmers through accidental inhalation.

City of Windhoek (CoW)'s Corporate Communications, Marketing and Public Participation Manager, Harold Akwenye said the city’s swimming pool’s water standards are within the health and safety standards and that they have adopted international processes of monitoring water at public swimming pools on a daily basis.

“CoW swimming pools are serviced on a daily basis by a team of professionals and the daily routine is monitored and recorded. The process entails backwash and suction sweeping, after which chlorine and PH levels are tested. Chemicals are added accordingly to balance and ensure it is suitable for public use. The pools are not open for public until a daily checklist has been completed or is satisfactory. Thus, the swimming pool only opens at 10h00 to ensure these procedures are completed on a daily basis,” Akwenye explained. - Nampa