Karon impresses with features on sophomore offering

Music for the streets

08 October 2021 | Art and Entertainment



When you credit Michael Jackson as your musical influence, it sets the standard for your music really, really high.

Having been on the music scene for years and boasting accolades like numerous Namibian Annual Music Awards, endorsement deals and a fashion line speaks not only to the demand of the music, but also how heavy Cassidy Karon is in the streets in terms of public support.

On this sophomore offering, ‘Katutura’s Favourite Son’, Karon braves minimalistic beats so his lyrics are the main focus.

He is a fair lyricist and a good storyteller, and his latest offering definitely has the potential to make a mark on the game.


In terms of features, he roped in industry acquaintances like DJ Spuzza, who appears on the opening track, ‘Corolla Boiz’. That credit alone was a good indication that we were about to listen to an exceptional body of work.

Other artists featured include Bobby WVDK, Mabuzza, Diolini, Sally Boss Madam and more.

The outstanding element of the features on this album is the closing song ‘African Child’, a track that compromises of spoken word pieces/verses by South Africa’s Kid X and Spokenpriestess as well as Kenya’s Elishifa Wangeshi.

The production is incredible… for the first six or so songs. But the album falls short in terms of sonic diversity, so getting to track 11 in one listen is a bit of a pain.

All in all, it’s a step towards carving out his lane and distinguishing himself from the rest.

‘Katutura’s Favourite Son’ has been out for a week now and is available on all major streaming platforms.

Rating: 3/5