Karabo drops fifth album

Tapping into a different market

02 August 2019 | Art and Entertainment

In an interview with tjil, Karabo shared that she is very proud of this project and predicts a good reception from her fans.

Onjati is a 16-track album that features 5670, Tate Buti, D-Kandjafa, Mr Glo and Seun & Uaraa.

“I was really specific with the artists I decided to work with on this album. I am primarily an Oviritje and disco artist, but on this album I wanted to expose my music to different markets.

“Tate Buti's albums always do well on the commercial scene, I love his style of music and working with him was like us sharing our different fan bases,” said Karabo.

Describing the sound of Onjati, Karabo shared that it is not a typical Karabo album because on top of the distinct features, she also worked with different producers who shaped the sound. “Working on this album was very exciting. I worked with different producers and the recording process was very experimental for the most part. I am happy with how it ended up,” she said. She announced that she will shoot three music videos from the album, namely; Kenena featuring Tate Buti, Owami and Kakina Nako. For Karabo, music videos are an extension of her creativity and a way of complementing the album visually. “If all goes according to plan, I should be able to share the first video by the end of August. I am excited for it and cannot wait for my fans to see it,” she said.

On what she wants to achieve with the album, Karabo shared that her plans are to make enough capital from the album and invest it into a business. For Karabo branching out and investing in other business ventures is crucial for her future and that of her family. “I won't be able to make music for the rest of my life, so with this album I want to make enough money and open a business that will sustain me when I am not releasing music,” said Karabo.

She calls on her fans to come to her shows and engage with her in person. Karabo promises to give her fans experiences they will cherish. “I am not just a singer, I am a performer. The music sounds different when performed live that is why I urge fans to attend shows.

“My album is available at Antonio's Arts in Windhoek as well as Engen outlets countrywide,” she said.

She thanked her fans for always supporting her music and mentioned that their support is her driving force that keeps her going. “Five albums is no child's play, I wouldn't have been able to reach this stage in my career if it was not for my fans.

“This album is for you, I went out of my comfort zone and I hope you enjoy it,” she said.